As a healthcare recruitment agency, it is vital we are able to offer all required training for candidates. Apex is partnered with a fully accredited training provider who is able to provide both in-person and online training across all aspects of healthcare.


For many roles we recruit for, you will be required to complete mandatory training. Mandatory training allows for the smooth operation of healthcare organisations, ensuring both patient safety and the safety of staff members. To ensure training is up to date, annual mandatory and statutory training is becoming more crucial. This ensures healthcare professionals’ knowledge and skills are always current, enabling them to deliver high quality healthcare services to their patients. To learn more about the online mandatory training options available, visit our training partner’s website or get in touch with our team.


For many healthcare roles, it is important to complete in-person that will allow you to complete day to day tasks to a high standard whilst maintaining high levels of patient safety and care. Our training partner offers a range of in-person training in a traditional classroom setting with both practical and theoretical assessment as part of the training process. High quality training allows for improved performance whilst reducing the risk of injuries, negligence and malpractice, all in turn improving the patient care experience.

Prevention and management of Violence and Aggression training (PMVA) 

This advanced course, spanning three to five days, is tailored for high-risk environments where staff encounter elevated levels of aggression. It delves into six key stages for managing aggression and challenging behaviour, covering understanding causes, reducing escalation, de-escalation tactics, both physical and non-physical defensive strategies, guiding techniques, and control and restraint/safer-holding techniques.

PMVA Refresher

The duration of the PMVA refresher course varies from one to two days, depending on the candidate’s needs. It covers essential topics including comprehending the stages of the assault cycle, implementing de-escalation strategies, and emphasising the significance of early intervention tactics.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

The course targets healthcare novices, aiming to familiarise them with essential skills required in the field. Participants will learn chest compression and rescue breathing (CPR), safe operation of automated external defibrillators, and placing unconscious breathing victims in the recovery position.

Immediate Life Support (ILS) 

This course is designed for registered healthcare professionals, serving as either an introduction or a refresher, particularly for those who may need to respond in emergencies before the arrival of specialised teams. By the course’s conclusion, participants will grasp the significance of promptly recognizing and escalating deteriorating patient conditions, understand the ABCDE approach for critically ill patients, and be familiar with CPR, defibrillation, and basic airway manoeuvres, alongside non-technical skills for leadership and team effectiveness in emergency situations.

Moving and Handling

This course provides essential training for safely and effectively transporting individuals and items within various settings. Designed to meet regulatory standards, the course equips participants with practical skills and knowledge to minimise the risk of injury and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. Through hands-on instruction and theoretical modules, attendees learn proper lifting techniques, equipment usage, risk assessment, and the importance of ergonomics.


Training courses vary in length depending on the complexity and level of the course. For example PMVA training takes 3-5 days.

Rather than an exam, you will tested on your knowledge throughout the course.

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